major rear end overhaul

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major rear end overhaul  Empty major rear end overhaul

Post  mrloon on Thu Aug 05, 2010 5:10 am

i have had the week off so i took the time to play with my bike. well when i say play i mean to strip all the rear end off clean it up and remove the rust that is starting to appear on the chrome work. one of my panniers had a hole in it where a 4 foot fence fell on to the indicator and pushed it through so i made that good. just need to put it all back together again and that just leaves me with 2 jobs, the chain and sprockets to change and work out how to get the lights in my panniers wired up.
when i have it all done i shall be on the open road once more....HAPPY DAYS Very Happy


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major rear end overhaul  Empty Re: major rear end overhaul

Post  Admin on Thu Aug 05, 2010 10:34 pm

ahh the joys of biking, i'm in the doghouse at the mo for spending too much time carressing bikes(fixing and general maintainence) and paying the wife little or no attention, also this includes staying off the puter on a sunday(wtf) Still she's a goodun and puts up with 3 bikes.

It's good to see a little maintainence going on..on the forum



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