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Post  jetticusblack23 on Tue May 13, 2014 5:09 am

hey guys new on here just got myself a 2002 marauder as ive always wanted one. finally managed to afford one, fixed simple things like play on throttle and needed brake pedal adjuster bolt and front brake was dragging.

anyway itll bump start very easily and runs sweet once its on but pressing electric start was getting a single click, so checked starter motor and it basically fell out as loose brushes and springs as soon as i opened lower part so atm its buggered

ive been looking around for a rebuild type option or a cheap option as i dont have much to spend, and was sent this way for more info.

i understand its a sealed bush and spring unit has anyone managed to find a good repair kit or anything for this.

any help or if anyone in birmingham with a bit of time wants to help always appreciate any help poasible Smile


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