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The new guy from Romania Empty The new guy from Romania

Post  Narc on Wed Jan 22, 2014 12:15 am

Hello everybody,

my name is Narcis, I'm 26, I live in Timisoara, Romania and I both a '98 Marauder, 125cc. I got it in November, last year, but it was only yesterday that I finished and passed my "Motorcycle class" driving licence. This is my first bike, a good friend recommended it and I can say it is in a good shape. Until the cold weather goes away I will do some maintenance on it, I will try to fix the speedometer, I'm planning on changing the chain and the sprockets(the chain seems to be loose and it "jumps" over the sprocket if I try to pull off more aggressive in 1st or 2nd gear); I already fixed my seat, the leather had some damage. I will upload some pictures of my Marauder in the Photo section.

Dry roads and warm tires!


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