fast left hand indicators and odd idle ish....

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fast left hand indicators and odd idle ish.... Empty fast left hand indicators and odd idle ish....

Post  davidlewtas1991 on Fri Jun 26, 2015 8:16 am

hello Very Happy im new on here can you tell lol

so problem 1..... the left hand side indicators are flashing so fast the hardly turn off Neutral and before someone says the obvious no the bulbs are fine all though the battery is nearing the end of its life lol.

the right side works fine.... any ideas???

problem 2..... iv had the carb off and cleaned it out but the issue is still there argh! basically when the bike is on idle its fine and when you rev it up its fine the issue is when you let go of the throttle after revving it.. it seems to stay revving high for about 10 15 seconds and then goes back to idle, the throttle is sitting back down where it is supposed to do and iv re-balanced the low end air/fuel mixture and its not made a difference..... i got the bike on monday its a 1999 model and in really good condition, iv had bikes before and im mechanically certified so i know what im doing to a limited degree (have not been a mechanic since i was 17 just going on what i can remember from the bikes iv had in the past)

if you have had these problems before and fixed them id like to hear your input
if your mechanically minded id like to hear your input
if you don't no the difference between a screwdriver and a hammer please step away from the keyboard Very Happy (im kidding dont go id appreciate your input too)

cheers guys and girls

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